Holmer Terra Dos T 4-40 Sugar Beet Harvester

This is the 1:32nd Ros Die-Cast model


Unfortunately I seemed to have acquired a "Friday afternoon" example
of what otherwise is a very impressively large and heavy model.
There was quite a list of faults with my example and it was not down
to being handled roughly during transport. The faults could only have
originated in the factory and the "quality control" people must have had a day off!
Considering the hefty price of 140 per unit I find this very disappointing in deed.
My supplier did quite freely offered to take it back but there would have been a delay
in the replacement as they where out of stock. As a modeller, I offered to fix the
problems myself and the dealer has issued me with a generous money off voucher
against any future acquisitions, so now we are both happy with the end result...
I will list the faults that I encountered with my purchase at the foot of the page.

This is a gallant effort on Ros's behalf to bring a model of this monster machine to the
die-cast model farm equipment collectors market but a few words of warning...
There are lots of working features on this impressive model, however most moving parts
are extremely fragile indeed and are very easily broken. It does say "not for people under
the age of 14" on the box as a kind of warning! There are no instructions provided
which leaves a fair bit of guesswork as to which and how much things should move.

I still like this "Beast" of a model and at the moment it is very much the "King" of my collection.

The faults with my model as taken out of the box:

1. Topper ejector covering broken away completely = super glued back on.

2. Rear four wheel steering seized solid = hammer and WD40

3. Large amounts of glue residue on conveyor belts = washed and scrubbed.

4. Steps to cab broken off = super glued back on.

5. L/H rear brake light broken off = super glued back on.

6. R/H  boards along top of load area broken off = super glued back on.

7. cast hinge point for longitudinal collector screw broken off = no fix as yet.