A selection of "Front Covers" from my
collection of "Railway Children" books.

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1st Edition ( 1906 ) W.G.D.& Co



Fabbri Edition

Published by Fabbri in 1990 as part of their "Classic Adventure" series. This edition does not contain any illustrations but is
unabridged. It was accompanied by an
illustrated pamphlet which included an
interesting account of E.Nesbit.
Heinmann Edition First published by William Heinmann Ltd in 1989 with illustrations by Pamela Kay.
Some of the Illustrations were based on my
local steam preservation line
"The Bluebell Railway" in Sussex.
Heinmann / T.N.T. Edition Published in 1991 by Pavilion Books Ltd in association with National Trust Enterprises
Contains some fabulous illustrations and watercolours.
Brimax Edition Published in 1994 by Brimax, This abridged
younger childs version is very vividly
illustrated in strong colours by Mark Viney.
Windmill Edition Published in 1978 by  Windmill, This edition
has the extra bonus of having superb
illustrations by Shirley Hughes.
These illustrations were to be carried out 
in a rather different style to the kind for which
she has latterly become so well known.
She has also illustrated another edition
of "The Railway Children" using her rather
more well known style, I will be comparing
some of them in the "Illustrations" Section.

Everyman Edition

Published in 1993, this edition has the benefit
of the original illustrations by C.E.Brock, including the wonderful frontispiece.
The endpapers have a few reproductions of
some illustrations by Ernest H Shepard for
"Dream Days" written by Kenneth Grahame.


Puffin Edition Published in 1970 by Puffin to co-incide with
the release of the EMI film production.


Puffin Classics Edition Published in 1994, This Puffin Classics
edition includes the C.E. Brock illustrations.
The cover illustration was by the artist
Gino D'Achille.


Macmillan Edition Published in 1994 by Macmillan, This edition
has illustrations by Shirley Hughes in her
contemporary style.( See earlier note above ).
It also contains an effective short biography
about E.Nesbit by Naomi Lewis.


Scholastic Edition Published in 1985 by Scholastic Publications
Ltd. Unillustrated and unabridged.


Parragon Edition Published in 1994 by the Parragon Childrens
Library, it is illustrated with line drawings by
an unknown artist.


Wordsworth Edition 1993 edition published by the Wordsworth
Editions Ltd under thier Childrens Classics
banner. It is unabridged and contains the
original C. E. Brock illustrations.


Puffin Classics Edition The 1982 edition, published by the Puffin
Classics arm of Penguin Books Ltd.
Contains the C. E. Brock illustrations and
is unabridged.


Ladybird Edition The Ladybird Childrens Classics edition,
published in 1984. It was re-written by
Joan Collins and illustrated by Kathie


Bloomsbury Edition Published in 1994 by Bloomsbury Books Ltd.
It is unillustrated and unabridged.


Parragon Classics Edition

Published in 1993 by Parragon Book service
Ltd. It is unillustrated and unabridged.


Fabbri Edition Pamphlet Published by Fabbri in 1991, This was the
pamphlet that accompanied their edition
which is shown at the top of this page.


Andre Deutsch Edition Published by Andre Deutsch Classics in 1996. This edition has an endorsement by
television newscaster Trevor McDonald.
Front cover artwork is by Clive Spong.
Unabridged and unillustrated.


Samuel French Edition

Published by Samuel French. This is not the novel as such, but a stage adaption by Dave Simpson.
Includes script, set descriptions, lighting and
sound effect cues.


harpers-collins edition This rather nice little book is published in the
U.S.A. by a division of Harper-Collins and is
part of their "Chapter Book Charmers" series.
It is a very highly abridged version, carried
out by Marc D Falkoff, in a style more suited
to the American  reader.
The "hook" with this edition is that it contains
a little "charm" of a railway engine, mounted in the front cover, that the reader can add to
their collection of other "charms" from other
books in the series and use on a free "charm
-bracelet" that the reader can send off for.


hodder94.jpg (57945 bytes)

Published by Hodder Children's Books in 1994, The cover painting is by Gary Blythe.        

Thanks to: Elinor Cooper.


This is the extent of my personal collection at present.
If you should own an edition that is not shown here and
you can scan the front cover as a 75dpi .gif, It would be
much appreciated if you could send it to me as an
e-mail attachment with a small description of the book
I can then post it on this page for others to see. Thank You.

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